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I am Sarah Mohr.
I am a dancer and artist.
Dance teacher, p
erformer & choreographer.
Movement therapist.

Stott Pilates instructor.
Strength and mobility coach.
Oxygen Advantage instructor.


As an artist I work on stage with artists that inspire truth, clarity and create

contemporary change.
My passion for overall health makes me coach the lungs, minds and physical abilities of contemporary athletes and artists.


  • I coached and taught several dance companies as a mental strength and pilates teacher, like the Kieler Ballet, Sticky Trace Company, Jessica Nupen Company, Rivera Dance Company, amongst others.
    Teaching teams like the US Team for artistic swimmers in Los Angeles, Circus Companies and other creative minds to expand their understanding of presence through dance: that´s my passion.


  • Cooperating with Tanz Medizin, also known as TaMed, an organization that educates Dance Medicine in Germany lead me to teach my approach to the dancing body to enhance awareness in longterm physical health for classical dancers.

  • As a dance teacher I see the same value in working with  professional dance institutions as teaching amateurs of all ages. 
    While leading several generations of students to understand their bodies and biomechanics in the process of working on stage, protecting their mental health with conscious physical actions is key to my work.

  • In between 2017-2020 I focused on outdoor strength leading projects and workshops and seminars in forests with Jonathan Schmid and Daniel Peters, while studying the human body in connection to nature with Joseph Bartz in Berlin.

  • After my studies of body psychoterapy in 2016, I started to work with young girls that suffer anorexia, bulimia, borderline. I then focused on helping women to reconnect to their physical and mental health through honest communication in connection to movement.

  • After working as a dancer and performer in Germany from 2004-2022, I am currently working on my own productions behind the scenes to bring Podcasts that speak about meaningful topics into space.

  • Since the pandemic hit in 2020, I offer online coaching to artists and athletes internationally  to enable more people to connect to their potential while sticking to the health of their brains.

Grow Your Vision

Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. 

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moving more like yourself

What is my role on this page?

My work connects contemporary athletes and artists that are willing to include themselves through their peak performance. What does peak performance and toxic performance have in common? What moves you? How does that express inside of you longterm?

I am specialized in reminding people how to move their own mentality into actions and stick to being noble and clear while moving what they know is true to them.
In my work there are layers that lead you to your own internal design, so that you can unfold into the architecture that makes you feel alive and successful through motion and stillness.
Trusting that we are all more intelligent than we acknowledge we push the own conscious and unconscious intelligence to express your vision. To thrive and connect with others in time.

While I act, move and work with you:
my mind stays open, creative and interested.
Let me support you to compose your story in a way that serves you best.

I give all my clients a free 20-minutes call to check which tools help you best. 

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